I've always had a natural affinity with technology; I'm not an engineer or a scientist but right from my graduate days at Vodafone I've always wanted to know how things worked. Never satisfied with a half baked explanation, I was lucky enough to work alongside some great engineers who were always happy to share their knowledge and as such I could get stuck in to the detail.

And that's how I see technology, it's just about understanding the detail.

And when you do, you've a good chance of using it to your advantage. I spent 14 years at Vodafone, developing new products based on emerging technologies. Pioneering the types of services and apps that are in everyday use today, creating visions and defining roadmaps of how people would fulfil latent needs in an increasingly technological landscape. During my time at Vodafone we saw exponential growth and I have plenty of experience, managing diverse teams of both internal and external suppliers, to bring hi tech products to market and support them through growth phase.

After stepping away from a corporate career to focus on family, I continued to be curious about progress in the online world. I created several projects just to see how things worked and get a better understanding of what was involved.

This led me on journey through website development, digital photography, PPC and display, SEO, social media marketing and affiliate marketing. Working with several start ups along the way.

Now with the changing employment landscape, increased life expectancy and pension shortfalls, more and more people are starting a business or a side project in their 40s and 50s.

Digital, online, mobile - it's a big part of any business today and I'd like to help you figure it out.

Check out my Services page to see the types of things I can help with or get in touch for an informal chat.