I will make digital recommendations based on your business’ review

After establishing your business’ mid-term goals, we will create a detailed project roadmap that will help get you from A to B.
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How can I help your business create an action plan? 

At this point we will have conducted a full review of your business, which means that we now have a better idea of the opportunities we can take advantage of. It’s time to arrange our findings and observations into an action plan, and we will do this by developing a roadmap for you to plan incremental changes to your functionality. 

With a background in interactive product development, I am able to work on more complex web based services, where digital or multi channel offerings form the central essence of your business. 

This is where things start to get exciting, and your digital plans come to fruition. 

So far we have looked at your target market and the marketing channels currently being used. We may need to delve deeper into who your customers are, and this will involve creating customer personas and segments to enable better targeting, and more conversions. The action plan is largely guided by the customer journey, which is why this is a focus in the recommend phase. 

What is a digital customer journey? 

A digital journey describes the experience customers have when interacting with your business and brand online. In today’s digital landscape there are several touchpoints for consumers, and the digital journey combines data from these touchpoints at the various stages (awareness, consideration, purchase) which can then be used to improve customer experience. 

Why is focusing on the customer journey so important? 

In order to better understand your consumers, you need to experience your business through the lens of the customer. By focusing on the customer journey, you will understand what your customers are looking for and be able to undertake the right actions at the right time. If prospective customers in your niche haven’t heard of your business before, then you need to focus on building brand awareness, perhaps through a social media campaign, guest blogging or even the creation of podcasts. 

When the customer is considering their purchase they will need more in depth information like a white paper or online tool that engages them with your brand. As we work through the customer journey we will identify such areas of opportunity, where digital technologies can help your business succeed with this: 


Customer personas are a representation of consumers from your target market based on market research. When creating a persona, we will use factors such as demographics and identifiers to better understand your customers’ motivations and buying behaviours. 

Identifying the type of consumers you are trying to attract will help with customer acquisition. The customer journey is usually represented as a funnel which highlights mindset stages in a prospective customer’s buying process. The first stage of the journey is awareness of your brand, which comes before consideration of the products or services you are offering. 


Content marketing is a popular tactic for acquisition and engagement for small businesses. We will create a content plan and schedule to determine what content you should be putting on your website to engage with new and existing consumers. This can include making use of your website’s blog, which helps to explore different topics within your industry. Writing quality, informative content helps to build your brand’s topical authority in the eyes of both Google and its users. 

We will dig into the different types of content that can be created, including email, guides and video marketing, to see which types best suit your target audience. After this, we will consider how social media can be utilised to promote and distribute content that will further engage with your customers. 


The final stage of the customer journey is where your business’ customers pay for your products of services. The purchase experience should be enjoyable and satisfy consumer expectations for ease, speed and efficiency. The right technology can be used to enhance this experience for both mobile and desktop users, and is crucial in determining whether a customer will choose to return to your site and buy from your business again. 

In the same way that in-store customer service makes a huge difference in terms of peoples’ perception of your business, how consumers feel they are being treated online will hugely impact their impression of your brand. Customers want to feel cared for, and I can reveal the tools and technology that will help to improve this and create a customer journey that is well thought out. 

What are the benefits of creating a digital action plan? 

The action plan stage is fundamental to digital success. Your strategy document should include clearly defined goals that can be communicated across your business. It should also be flexible and ensure adaptability to match the current pace of digital change.

 Analysis shows that across all sectors, the scope and scale of digitalisation means that 25% of businesses in the UK are unsure what their industry will look like in the next year alone. The benefits of an action plan include: 

Align digital objectives with your business’ medium-term goals 

A roadmap will ensure that your digital activities are well thought out and deliver a return on investment (ROI). The plan will help to counter any risks and flexibly adapt to changing circumstances. WIth a clear timeline, you can take control of your activities and ensure that everyone is on board with what needs to be delivered and by when. These deadlines will benefit collaboration and ensure medium-term goals are met. 

Gain a better understanding of your business’ target audience 

Identifying your target audience will help to attract and convert high-quality leads that will result in increased conversions. By figuring out the best channels to reach customers you will ensure that you maximise the impact of your marketing messages. Mapping out the customer journey will ensure that time and money spent on your marketing efforts reach the right people.

Focus on efficiency and ensure your initiatives evolve over time 

Your digital strategy is the foundation that will ensure all marketing activities stay on track. With the right technology, your plan can be regularly reviewed and updated using analysis and insights. These action steps will coordinate your team’s skills with technology and create a clear sense of direction that maximises your businesses digital capabilities. 

Producing a digital roadmap for business transformation: 

A digital roadmap is essentially a planning document that contains the action steps of a strategy. It includes major milestones that are crucial to reaching the main goals and overarching outcome of your business’ digital transformation. 

I have significant project management experience and have helped several small businesses like yours achieve their business goals. I am able to provide an external perspective and produce a strategic review that will highlight how your digital plans can be tactically implemented to reach the goals your business deserves. 

After making recommendations, we will look at the technology and skills necessary to implement change. 

Digital skills for transformation