My 3 step strategy will help your business identify new income streams, increase its online visibility, and set itself apart in the competitive digital space. 

As an experienced digital strategist, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with clients to ensure they benefit from long term success. Making use of the latest digital innovations, we will work together to craft your business’ digital transformation. 

My digital consultancy services are comprised of three main pillars:

  1. Review 
  2. Recommend 
  3. Implement 

The digital strategy that we create for your business will be shaped through these three phases. Throughout the process, I will demonstrate how each aspect of marketing is interconnected, and reveal the ways different activities can be executed simultaneously for maximum effect. 

How we can work together 

As your Pay As You Go Digital director, I am here to help your business achieve its goals. Having worked with several small businesses, I am aware of the cost pressures and aim to find a way to work flexibly with the budget you have. In our tailored sessions I can:  

  • Conduct a full scale review of your business 
  • Make recommendations for online growth 
  • Help you understand the competitive landscape
  • Identify opportunities for marketing activities 
  • Create a strategic implementation plan 
  • Conduct regular coaching calls 
  • Focus on discrete projects with specific deliverables 

Review your business & its medium-term goals 

In our first session I will conduct a full review of your business, to better understand where you are now and where you want to be. We will discuss your current marketing activities, highlighting problems that need to be addressed and identifying areas for growth. I place particular emphasis on the review stage in order to fill the gaps in your business’ foundation. 

By putting in the ground work at the beginning, we start your digital journey with a clear understanding of the relevant digital marketing opportunities for your business, helping you realise its full capabilities. 

As part of the review, we will take note of your business’ current marketing channels, and find out how clearly defined your target audience is. In order to increase conversions, we will assess your business’ online performance, to see how it performs against your main online competitors. 

We will tap into the world of search engine optimisation (SEO), and see what tactics you have already employed. Maybe you have only recently discovered SEO, and have basic knowledge of keyword research and page optimisation. Unpacking unfamiliar terms, I will help you gain understanding of what it takes to optimise your website for user experience, 

For small businesses that aren’t tech oriented, the more technical aspects of digital marketing tend to be the ones that get overlooked. This is largely down to the fear or concern that tackling complicated or complex issues can create more problems than initially existed. With years of technical experience behind me, I can confidently conduct an audit of your website and walk you through any problems with its technical framework, performance and infrastructure. Before moving onto the second phase, we will ensure that your website is intuitive for customers, checking that page speed is fully optimised. 

It is important for us to analyse your digital products and main competition. You might not be aware of the fact your offline competitors can differ to your online competitors. Your online competition are the businesses that are competing against you for your target keywords. I will explain the importance of incorporating your online competitors to your business strategy, and show you activities that can be undertaken to outperform them in Google’s SERP.  

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Recommend digital marketing initiatives & create an action plan 

After the initial review, we will move into the recommend phase. This part of the process focuses on creating an action plan to help you implement your strategy into your business. At this point we will take a closer look at your customers, analysing their demographics and behaviours. We will conduct customer segmentation, creating personas to improve consumers’ experience when interacting with your brand online. 

As  we work through your business’ customer journey, we will focus on 3 stages that I believe are imperative to maximising visibility for the correct audience: 

  • Awareness
  • Consideration 
  • Purchase

Once a detailed customer journey has been created, we will return to your action plan. The action plan will be created in the form of a roadmap, which is a document that is used by businesses to track initiatives and mark out major milestones of any strategy. Roadmaps help with collaboration and ensure that everyone in the business is clear on their role in achieving company goals. 

The roadmap that we create will map out your business’ digital strategy. All marketing activities and initiatives will be organised and tracked using a project schedule. Whilst the schedule will be flexible, it is there to help ensure that deadlines are worked towards. This carefully considered plan will establish the skills, effort and technology needed at each stage of the strategy. 

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Implement your strategy with the right skills & technology 

The third stage of the process largely involves determining the right technology and software to execute your strategy and achieve your online goals. You might not be aware of the different tools available, so I will introduce you to the essentials and explain how they can be acquired by your business. 

I have worked in tech for over 20 years, and I am able to use my technology expertise to break down seemingly complex concepts and terminology in a way that is easy for small businesses to understand. Because I have a genuine interest in digital, I stay on top of the latest innovations, which helps me figure out which software is best for your business. 

As a few examples, I can:

  • Recommend the most appropriate CRM software for your customer needs
  • Advise which email marketing platform I think will work well for your campaigns
  • Help find the best tools to give your business data driven insights

We will talk in length about the digital skills your business needs to remain competitive in today’s digital age. I will help ensure that your business is agile, and able to quickly respond to changing markets. The world of technology moves rapidly, it's imperative to keep up. To help with this we will find areas where automation can be used to ensure your initiatives are executed with efficiency, using the roadmap to tie everything together. 

Once we have discussed the necessary technology and skills, you will have everything you need to make your business a digital success. I want to leave you well equipped to implement your strategy, ensuring that you reap the rewards of digital investment.  

Your digital journey doesn’t end here. The process is ongoing, and the value in my services lies in my ability to leave you with the tools needed to independently implement digital for your business in the long term. With your newfound skills and knowledge, your business will continue to thrive in the highly competitive digital space.

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