We will determine the necessary tools and software for your business’ digital success 

Now that we have a comprehensive roadmap, I will show you how to execute your strategy, and leave you with all the tools you need to take your business to the next level.

How can I help your business implement digital?

In the third part of the process I will reveal the skills and technology necessary to achieve change and drive innovation in your business. With over 20 years in the mobile and internet space, I am well placed to show you how the latest tech can help your business grow. Passionate about technology, I stay up to date with emerging innovations in digital and can help you gain the knowledge required to achieve your goals.

Did you know that 87% of firms that are prioritising investment in digital capabilities have reported a happier and more engaged workforce? While a huge 92% have reached new customers and 93% have improved the quality of experience of their products and services? 

Your digital strategy will be executed using specific skills and systems that suit your business’ activities and objectives. During the implement phase we will ensure that you have the right processes in place to drive long term change.  More specifically, we fill focus on: 

  • Technology platforms 
  • Resources 
  • Process change 
  • KPIs 

Choosing the right technology platforms 

With new innovations entering the market every day, your options can feel endless. It’s important that the technology you choose to invest in is a good fit for your company and adds value to your initiatives and objectives. 

Whatever technology your business requires - whether to automate marketing processes, integrate backend systems or monitor website performance - I can help. I will draw together your specific requirements and identify solutions that match your needs and your budget. 

Finding the right resources 

It can take a huge amount of time and effort getting the right resources to help run your business and achieve its digital goals. As a small business your priority is finding affordable solutions and with so many options available, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start. I can quickly help to source the right support - be it online resources, training courses, events or assistance finding temporary staff. 

  • Freely available resources 

There are many useful resources that are freely available to small businesses. For example, you can benefit from simple online software that can help to create graphics, write great copy or analyse your website performance. It can be tricky finding the time to navigate them all, and I can help to speed this process up by selecting the ones that I feel will be most beneficial to your business. 

  • Free staff training 

You might not be aware of the fact that several reputable providers offer free training resources that can be used to upskill you and your staff. Instead of spending hours researching, I will identify a programme of courses that will fill the gaps in your knowledge and business’ capabilities.

  • Outsourcing 

A cost-effective alternative to hiring permanent employees is contracting tasks. Outsourcing saves expenditure on expensive hirings that don’t necessarily have a long term role in your business. If there is an area of the strategy that you feel is outside of your skillset, I can search for ad hoc resources and freelancers who can do a specific job for an agreed budget. 

What are the benefits of focusing on digital skills in your workplace? 

Artificial intelligence and advancements in technology continue to grow quickly, and it’s important for the UK workforce to keep up. In order to prevent a tech skills gap in your business, you should think about investing in its digital capabilities. The advantages of having digital skills in the workplace include: 

Give your business a competitive edge 

Despite digital advancements, research suggests that the UK workforce is still underpowered. An estimated 52% of employees lack the necessary digital skills for business and both they and their companies are missing out as a result. Investing in digital capabilities can set your small business apart, as organisations that are utilising digital have demonstrated much faster growth than those that are not. 

Boost employee productivity 

With digital skills and knowledge, employees can utilise technology and become more productive in their day to day objectives. By using database systems, documents can be stored and managed more effectively, saving time and increasing security. Both communication and workflows are benefitted by efficient technology, allowing project management to become seamless.

Become an agile business 

Technology is growing rapidly each and every day. A workforce that has the tools and skillset to respond to such a quickly changing market, will be more able to adapt and evolve in line with technology, as opposed to playing a constant game of catch up. New digital marketing software packages are constantly entering the market, and keeping on top of the latest trends will help your business stay ahead of the game. 

Encourage collaboration and learning 

Small businesses can expand their workforce’s knowledge and empower teams with digital training. Files can be easily shared using the cloud and digital tools can be used to make it easier for different departments to collaborate virtually. As COVID-19 has demonstrated, the benefits of digital transformation and investing in the right technological infrastructure should not be undermined. 

Process change 

The introduction of new technology will require new ways of working. Without proper management, this can present a different set of challenges. From the onset, it is important to control any changes in processes to get the most from your investment and ensure employees are able to easily adopt new methods. In the implementation phase we do just this, defining new processes to ensure a smooth transition for your business’ success. 


When you introduce new technology and ways of working to your business, it is hugely important to monitor your progress and ensure that everything in your roadmap is on track to meeting your business objectives. This is where defining a new set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) becomes important. 

Your KPIs will be unique to your medium-term goals and should be recorded and reviewed on a regular basis. As well as helping identify these for your business, I will advise on the best ways to track performance and ensure continual improvement as you move through your strategy. 

Executing your digital transformation: 

In this final phase we will also take a look at areas of your strategy that can be automated, where tools can be used to carry out repetitive business processes and tasks. Luckily, there are several areas within digital marketing where this is possible to achieve. Automation will ensure that your employees can put their efforts in the right place and focus on important tasks, which will have a positive effect on growth. 

Once all the phases are complete, you will have developed a better understanding of your top priorities, be it focusing on your website strategy, improving customer experience or utilising new marketing channels. You will have a comprehensive action plan and knowledge of the tools and technology needed to conduct and coordinate your business’ digital initiatives. 

You can think of the process as an ongoing knowledge transfer, where we look at both the communication tools and analytics tools that will accelerate your business’ growth. After this knowledge has been introduced, your marketing strategy can begin to be effectively implemented, prompting the onset of a digital culture that can flourish across your business. 

Working together 

As you read through the process, at first it may feel like a huge project for your business to undertake. Don’t let that put you off, I am extremely conscious of the cost pressures facing small businesses. As a result, I am committed to working flexibly with whatever budget you have in order to maximise the opportunities that digital can deliver for your business. 

 Start your digital journey today