Here's some ideas of how I can help you

Bespoke Coaching Session - £95 per hour

I’m happy to put together a bespoke session around your specific requirements, contact me for a free consultation so I can let you know how long your bespoke session needs to be and whether there’s any prep work required on either side.

Known Unknowns

You’re pretty sure there’s stuff out there in the digital space that you should know more about, but you’re not quite sure what it is. In this session we cover a broad range of topics guided by responses to a questionnaire that I’ll ask you to fill in before we meet. We can cover areas from social media, customer experience, web functionality, analytics, SEO, content planning, monetisation. After the session, you’ll receive links to resources to help you further your knowledge.

Digital Review

You’re wanting to take the next step with your online presence. This session provides you with a baseline to start from and a clear set of next steps. You’ll complete a questionnaire allowing me to gather key information, I’ll conduct a thorough review of your online presence - across web, social media, search, look at your traffic volumes if available. Then we’ll review your online objectives together and work up a plan of things to improve and what next steps you can take.

Content Strategy & Planning

Stuck for ideas ? Abandoned blog ? Not sure whether you need a content plan ? After gathering some initial input from you, I’ll research your sector and draw up some ideas that we can workshop together. We’ll look at what content you should be creating, including SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies and long tail key words, what media you should be using and what channels you need to get your message out to your audience. We’ll also cover scheduling, tools to help with social media and resources to help create your content.

Roadmap & Product Planning

Already have a website but unsure where to go next ? I can work with you to review your business objectives, how your web presence contributes to that, assess best practices in your industry sector and then develop a roadmap for you to plan incremental changes to your functionality. With a background in interactive product development, I am able to work on more complex web based services, where digital or multi channel offerings form the central essence of your business.